Deliberate Break

08 Mar 2009

So…maybe I was a bit too ambitious.

This isn’t a wordplay entry, but more of an update. If you noticed, I’ve been writing more “poetry” lately and my entries are starting to become late. And yesterday, I didn’t write anything at all.

Truth be told, I’m tired.

I know this project is not easy from the start. I just didn’t know it’s going to be this difficult. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to squeeze out something, just to write something here. I’ve been hard on myself with everything I produce, and truth be told, I don’t want to write. Not now, not yet. I’m sure it’s not ever, but the thought of trying to come up with a new story is enough to make me…well, sick.

It shouldn’t be something I beat myself up with.

Not that I beat myself up with this, of course. But I figured…this is something that I’m supposed to like. Enjoy. And all that. So if writing everyday is making it hard on me, and making it harder for me to write…then, it shouldn’t be that way, right?

So, a break.

I’m taking a short break from Wordplay, enough to recharge my creative juices and coax my muses out back into open again. I know that beats the purpose of writing 365 entries in a year but then again, this is my project so I have the right to change the rules.

So I’m changing the rules.

Yes, finally, a change in the rules. I know that if I take  a break now and try to write everyday again next time, I’m going to experience the same burnout as I did now. So…let’s put it in moderation, shall we?

Instead of writing everyday, I’ll be writing significantly less, but with a goal in mind. Instead of writing 365 entries, I’ll settle of the almost half of the amount: 150. 150 Wordplay entries for the year, including the 65 I already wrote. I haven’t figured out the frequency of when I will write, but I will most probably write every week. 🙂 This would give me time to think more, observe more and write more, instead of trying to recycle old things just to pass them as entries.

So, I’ll see you guys again soon. Right now I need to find my muses.


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