January Roundup

31 Jan 2009

The first month of the year is over! Whew! It kind of feels fast, but looking at all the entries I made for the past month — wow.

Writing everyday for a month is not really a new thing for me, as I’ve been a part of NaNoWriMo for the past five years. But writing a new thing everyday, something that could sort of stand on its own is hard. I felt like I was pulling teeth at the start of the month, and I don’t know if I have enough material or ideas to continue writing for the remaining 300+ more days of the year. All I know is that I need to write.

I recycled a lot of my NaNo characters here and you will be seeing more of them for sure. 😛 Guess who are my favorites. 😉 Also I noticed a trend in the themes of what I’m writing, but I think I won’t be having changes with that. 😛 At least not now.

It’s been an interesting month, and I am looking forward to February (plus there’s fewer days, but like that would matter). I’m thinking of picking up on more challenges, making another series and possibly trying out a new genre. Let’s see where this would go. 🙂

Oh, but I’m picking up on suggestions. Like, what to write, or if you have any prompts or whatever, I’m more than willing to accept them. The more ideas, the better. 😛

334 days of Wordplay to go!

January Statistics:
Longest entry: Common Denominator (1696 words)
Shortest entry: Red, Green, Blue (Part 1) (233 words)
Total words written: 24,783 words (Almost half a NaNovel!)

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