Wednesday 7th January 2009

by Tina

David missed her.

It took him a long time to finally admit it to himself, even rebuffing her friend’s offers to get the two of them in one place. He had tried to invite her to be with them once and she had refused — he never tried again. He did not want it to be awkward, but seeing her always unnerved him, like Marianne was capable of exposing something in him that he never knew existed. Not even April can bring that out.

He could remember the night when everything changed between them clearly, like it had happened yesterday. He and Marianne, sitting at the piano. She was never that tentative ever since he met her, but that day, it was like he was seeing her in a new light. He saw her pain. David had dealt with that kind of pain from all his youth and singles group experiences, but the kind of pain he saw in Marianne was different. He felt his heart breaking for her, and for the first time they have known each other, Marianne had let him comfort her.

David had denied it for a long time  but this time denying what he felt for Marianne was like he was turning back from who he was, from who he had become during the past few weeks.

I just have to talk to her, even just for a while.

[233 words]

Author’s Note: I am seriously having a hard time writing now. Heh. I’ll continue this one when I find the words to actually get David and Marianne talking. 😀

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