Saturday 7th February 2009

by Tina

Dawn’s idea of a perfect date was this: a nice dinner outside, preferably at Antipolo, where the could look over the city lights and enjoy the cold night breeze. After eating, they’d look up in the sky and watch the stars and talk about each other. Then probably a round of coffee somewhere, still talking. And finally, home, a short talk with the parents and probably a good night’s kiss…on the cheek. No lips yet, especially not on the first date.

When Jake finally asked her out on a formal date, she got all excited that she bugged Jake almost all week to know what he was planning for them, but he told her nothing except to be ready for a fun night. Dawn triped to drop hints on what kind of date she wants, hoping that Jake would pick them up.

On the night of their date, Dawn wore her best dress and favorite heels, and she even wore make-up. She was very excited until she realized that Jake had not turned towards the mountains of Antipolo but instead headed to the city.

“Where are we off to?” Dawn asked, trying to supress that sinking feeling in her stomach. She was hoping they would head off to Tagaytay instead, which would be just as fine for her.

“Just wait. It’s going to be fun.”

They arrived at The Fort, and as Dawn followed Jake to Bonifacio High Street, she tried to think of how the night could go. Much to her disappointment, Jake treated her to dinner at McDonalds instead of a higher class restaurant that she wished she would have on her first date.

“I’m sorry we had to eat dinner here,” Jake apologized. “I promise you’ll have fun later, we just need to be quick for dinner.” Dawn smiled and was slightly touched by Jake’s sweetness, but she was still disappointed.

After dinner, Jake grabbed her hand and pulled her all the way down the street, stopping only when Dawn struggled with her heels. Finally, they arrived at Timezone.

“I thought I’d bring you here so we can have a friendly competition with each other,” Jake said shyly. “Plus if we get enough tickets or something we can get one of those toys for you.”

Dawn smiled again, but she felt her insides plummet. It wasn’t that she doesn’t like arcades, but it was because she’d really rather…talk. And get to know Jake.

“Come on, let’s play.”

They started out with the driving game, which Jake won easily, and then a fighting game which he also won. After the third game, Dawn wasn’t in the mood anymore. She was just tired, and she wanted to go home.

Until they finally played House of the Dead 4.

Suddenly, Dawn felt energized. She loved playing these kinds of games with her brother, and she remembered how fun these games were. Before she knew it, she was screaming and laughing as she shot the zombies off the screen.

When Timezone was about to close, Dawn and Jake had played for so long at House of the Dead 4 that both their Timezone cards were empty. Dawn had totally forgotten her disappointment earlier.

“Did you have fun?” Jake asked as they walked out of the arcade.

Dawn looked at Jake and nodded. “I did. Thank you,” she paused before adding, “I’m sorry if I was such a grouch earlier today. I was expecting something different.”

Jake smiled. “I kind of figured. Don’t worry, we’ll do what you want next time.”

Dawn looked at Jake once again and decided to herself that he is a sweet guy. Simple, easy to please, but really sweet. And he just kind of mentioned that they’ll go out again.

That really made her smile.

And she really wouldn’t mind doing the arcade thing again.

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  1. raichu says:

    gak. the level of expectation is high. the guy was just lucky that he got hod4; any other game and there wouldn’t have been a goodnight kiss.

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