Tuesday 24th February 2009

by Tina

Heart met Brian at their usual spot that Tuesday afternoon: a quaint little coffee shop in the corner of Rome and Real streets, cutely named Common Sense. It was where they would always meet up when Heart would need to talk to Brian, which wasn’t really that often unless Heart had something she had to figure out, or when she’s in total distress mode. The reason for today was the latter, Brian noted, as he watched her run to his table with a panicked expression.

“It’s over!” she cried as soon as she sat on the seat in front of him.


“It’s over!” she repeated, her voice going a couple of pitches higher. Tears welled in her eyes as she sat on her chair, forlorn.

“Okay, take a breather, Heart. And get your order first, then we’ll talk. My treat,” Brian signalled for a waitress, who arrived at their table a few seconds later. Heart composed herself and gave her order. True enough, she asked for something sweet and creamy, which was what Heart often gets in moments of distress.

After taking a sip of her thick chocolate milkshake that arrived a few minutes later, Heart visibly calmed down. “Why are milkshakes doubly good when I’m in these situations?” she wondered out loud.

“Serotonin?” Brian supplied, grinning.

“It was a rethoric question, Brian,” Heart said, rolling her eyes.

“I know, just playing,” he replied, laughing. Brian closed the book he was holding, crossed his arms and leaned on the table, eyes on Heart. “So, what happened?”

And Heart spoke. The story she told Brian this time was something he was already familiar with: she met a guy, liked him, they became friends. They became really good friends, and he starts showing some signs that she picked up. She tried hard not to read too much into it, but the guy kept on being nice, and then things got confusing, but she stayed there. Until he started sharing more and she finds out that he is dating someone else. Now that would have fazed other girls and made them stop but Heart was insistent. She stayed friends with the guy until she learned that the guy is finally in a relationship and she is still just a friend. The friend.

“And now it’s over!” Heart wailed again, burying her face in her hands. She started sobbing. Brian pushed the tissue holder towards her and watched her cry.

“I can’t believe it! I thought he liked me!” Heart grabbed some tissues and wiped her nose, which had started running the moment the tears leaked. All the while, Brian just watched her with an amused smile on his face.

“Why are you smiling? What’s so funny about all this?” Heart growled after a while. Her eyes were red, mascara running down her blotchy cheeks. Her nose was stuffed, so her speech was a bit slurred. “I’m broken hearted, Brian! And you’re laughing at me? I can’t believe you.”

This time Brian burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, Heart. I’m just…amused,” he said.

“You’re amused at my heart break? What a friend.” Brian just laughed again.

“I’m not amused at your heart break, Heart. I’m amused at you,” Brian explained. Heart glared at him but didn’t say a word. She grabbed her milkshake and took a noisy sip.

“When was the last time we talked?” Brian asked.

“Why is this important?” Heart asked in an exasperated tone, but Brian just gave her a look. Heart sighed, and dug through her bag to get her planner. She flipped through the colorful pages — she did like decorating her planner — and stopped at a page. “Two months ago.”

“And that was because of…?”

Heart mentioned a name. “But that was two months ago! It’s like ancient history! This is different!” She spoke fast, like in panic.

“I’m not saying anything,” Brian said, waving his hands in front of him. “But…it’s only been two months.”

“And so?”

“Here we are again,” Brian said gently.

“But this is different!” Heart was insistent.

“Is it?” He threw the question back at her. She was just about to open her mouth but Brian interrupted her. “I mean…think about it. Isn’t your situation familiar to you? Haven’t you been here before?”

Heart opened her mouth again to react but then shut it when a thought seemed to hit her. Brian leaned back on his chair and waited patiently for her to talk.

“I…guess you’re right,” Heart said after a while. The tears had dried from her eyes and she now had a lost, defeated look. “Have I always been like this?”

Brian smiled at his friend sympathetically. “It’s not a sin to be like that.”

She gave out a frustrated sigh. “I am so stupid.”

“No. Just loving. Much too loving.”

Heart smiled at him. “Thanks. I’m glad you’re not getting tired of all these crazy things I get myself into.”

He shook his head. “Who else would be here for you but me? I think one of my purposes in this world is to knock sense into your head.” He chuckled, and to his delight, Heart laughed with him. Weakly, yes, but it was still a laugh.

The two of them fell silent. Brian watched Heart as she stared into space, thoughfully stirring her milkshake. He knew she’d think things over, and that things wouldn’t be easy for the next few days, but he believed in her, and he knew she was stronger than she thinks. For now, he’d just be there for her, sitting at the corner of Rome and Real, in a coffee shop called Common Sense.

[937 words]

Author’s Note: Yeah, this is a lame attempt to make the heart and the brain as two separate characters in a story, just to make a point over how the brain knocks sense into the heart. 😉 There’s another one I want to write about these two, but that would have to wait tomorrow. 🙂

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