Face Book

16 Feb 2009

He was addicted to Facebook. It was the first thing he opens in his computer the moment he logs on, and it was the last thing he’d check before he goes to sleep. He keeps his profile updated to the smallest detail, from his education and work history to his favorite quotations to his very current status at the moment. He makes sure that he does not only indicate all his favorite TV shows and movies and musicians, but that he is also included in their fan page. He added office friends, college friends, high school friends and even friends he could remember from elementary and pre-school. He looked for relatives to add to his growing contact list, and would spend hours of his time chatting with them through the Facebook chat applications.

And applications! He’d add them up like there was no tomorrow. Birthday applications, games, and whatever it is that Facebook can offer — he has them! He’d play Mafia Wars, Knighthood and Geochallenge for hours on end. He’d add events, share drinks, send hugs and flowers to his contacts all day long.

To say that Facebook kind of ruled his life was an understatement — as he even bought himself an iPod Touch and installed a Facebook application so he can always be connected. It was a quirk that his friends made fun of about him, but didn’t really mind. After all, everyone has their own interests, right?

Except for her.

It wasn’t that he ignored her for Facebook. In fact, he showered her with attention — in Facebook, of course. He sent her flowers, gave her hugs, danced with her, shared drinks with her. He would always comment on her notes and status messages, leave her “hi’s” and “how are you’s” and “I miss you’s” in her wall. When she goes online, he immediately chats her up. She likes this, yes, but she doesn’t want only that. After all, there is more to life than Facebook, right?

One day, she got fed up so she called him on the phone. After several rings, she heard a very bewildered “Hello” on the other line.


“Uh…why are you calling?” She can hear his fingers tapping on the keyboard on the background.

“I just want to talk to you,” she said simply. “Is it bad?”

“Um…no…it’s just that I’m busy.”

“With what?” She felt a flash of annoyance.

“Well…you know. I’ve got to update something important online and…you know…” his voice trailed off, and there was continuous typing on the background.

“I’m sure that can wait. Can we meet up? Like tomorrow or something? Please?” She added the last word in hopes of breaking into his Facebook addiction.

“Uh…well,” She heard him stop typing and clicking and she felt a bit of hope. Maybe, maybe he’d pick her over it.

Then he sighed. “Look…can I talk to you later? My pet’s hungry and I have to check my kingdom at Knighthood. I’ll just Superpoke you when I’m free, okay?”

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