06 Mar 2009

“He asked if I had life insurance!”

I stopped pacing and looked at my friends’ faces in front of me, all mouths open in shock. It was the next morning, and I demanded for everyone to be at Pia’s Kitchen last night to have breakfast together. After what happened with that dinner with Dexter last night, I could not get it out of my mind. I ranted it out to Naomi last night who listened sympathetically, but her head seemed to be half into the conversation, and it was cut short because of a phone call for her. Plus, the person I really wanted to talk to was Carol and here she is now. She shook her head.

“I’m really sorry, Ruth, I did not think he’d do that,” Carol apologized. “I’m sorry if we left early last night too. But you should have called, so at least we could have gone back.”

I sighed and went back to the table. The others continued to eat, but all looked at me, waiting for my response.

“It’s okay, I accept your apology,” I said, picking my fork up again and stabbing the piece of bacon on my plate. “I already told Mon through text when I got home last night, and he told me he’d talk to Dexter.”

“So wait, what did you do after?” Pia asked, raising the coffee cup to her lips.

“After staring at him for a few minutes while he rattled on about the types of insurance he has and all his clients, I told him off,” I said, feeling my ire rise up in me all over again. It was absolutely annoying, and I really wanted to step out of Pancake House and leave him all alone there for even asking that question on what was supposed to be a date.

“What did he say after you made your speech?” Mitchie asked with a grin.

“It wasn’t a speech,” I said defensively. “Anyway, he tried asking me all over again, but I did not want to hear about it anymore. I handed him my payment and left.”

“Oooh, walk out,” Pia said, laughing. Despite my annoyance, I was glad Pia was present there that morning, because I really wanted her to hear this. This was something that we both like to laugh about before.

“I’m really sorry, Ruth,” Carol said, looking really embarrassed. “Dexter seemed like a nice guy when I first met him. I guess he was running for his quota yesterday. But what he did was absolutely wrong.”

“Yeah, I mean talk about totally taking advantage of the situation,” Mitchie said, shaking her head. Then she looked thoughtful. “Although…maybe I can make some of the sponsors say yes if I get them out for dinner…”

“Mitchie, that’s just wrong,” Pia said, clucking her tongue. “And not to mention dishonest.”

“Don’t you dare!” I warned Mitchie, wagging a finger at her. She laughed in reply.

“Kidding, kidding,” She reached for her phone inside her bag, pulled it out and pressed a series of buttons. “Well, anyway, like what I always say, there’s still a lot of fish in the ocean. And I’ve got one particular fish for you tonight. His name is Carlos, and one of my team mates introduced him to me. He’s single, works at an accounting firm, and he seems very nice.”

“What? Tonight?” I asked, bewildered at what Mitchie just said. Go on another date like that so soon? No way. “No, no I can’t tonight.”

Mitchie looked up from her phone. “Well, how about tomorrow?”

“No I can’t! Not this soon!” I exclaimed. “I can’t go on another date! You usually give me a week to recuperate from this!”

“Oh come on, Ruth. When one fails, you must get to another one quickly!”

“You honestly believe that?” I rolled my eyes. I turned to Pia. “Please tell me our friend is being crazy here.”

“I think you should,” Pia said, smiling. “Come on, it’s not like you have anything else to do tonight. Or tomorrow.”

Ouch. That statement kind of hurt.

“What Pia meant is, you should strike while the iron’s hot,” Carol said, seeing the look on my face. “Besides, it’s just for a friendly dinner. And we could join you if you want.”

“Uh, if it’s tonight I can’t,” Mitchie said sheepishly. “I have a thing with Noah.”

“Can’t tomorrow night,” Pia added. “Mass and dinner with Angelo.”

I looked at the two and then at Carol, with a raised eyebrow. “And you?”

Carol blushed. “Well, maybe we can on Thursday night?”

I groaned. “I can’t believe this. You guys tell me to go on another date with this guy I totally don’t know, and that you’ll join me, but then you tell me you’re not available.”

“Wait, so you’re saying yes?” Mitchie asked, brightening. “Was that a yes?”

“Did I?” I didn’t, right?

“I think you just did,” Pia said, grinning.

I was honestly too tired to argue, and it was only eight in the morning. “Fine, I’ll go tonight. Where will I meet this guy?”

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